Kagaz Kala Creations 3D Quilling by Vaishali

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My Mantra: To produce realistic, lively art pieces through the simplest of mediums even though this feat can be quite difficult to execute.

As an artist I challenge myself to use the simplicity of the medium paper to create an art piece-detailed, intricate and unique from its usual form. Even though paper seems sober and flexible, it has its own limitations when used for creating different realistic shapes and forms through the technique quilling. By using this technique, I try to use my craftsmanship to give an authentic look to my projects by using simple strips, bits and pieces of paper only.

I feel, quilling technique requires a lot of hard work and perseverance from a crafter. The intricacy, scope and detailing of the art piece blesses me with an inner strength to continue making it for even as long as a couple of months until I feel that I have made it the way I imagined it to be. I aim to portray liveliness in all my creations by thorough use of colors and intricately designing its features and aspects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I did not have any arts background, but I was always interested in handmade art since childhood as a hobby and I kept pursuing it in whatever time and opportunity I got while I was pursuing Chartered Accountancy in college but my hobby eventually won and I became a full time artist. I did a short term course in arts and crafts wherein I discovered my love for paper. I learnt the quilling of basic shapes in this course and it was as if, love at first sight for me for this technique. I researched that quilling was more popular and successful with the 2D style rather than the 3D style. Since childhood, I had the tendency to push myself beyond the commonly accepted boundaries in areas of my interest, hence, I tried the 3D style to make something original, unique and sculpted by paper only. My first 3D artwork was a ‘Kathakali dancer’ made completely out of paper. This sculpture astonished me and motivated me to move ahead with my future experiments with paper quilling in 3D style.
Generally, I visualise the design of the artwork or make sketches of it. I also try to search for some references of the subject of the artwork to keep me inspired throughout the long process of its making.If I feel that the color combination or the design does not look as beautiful as I imagined it to be then I update my design while working on the art piece. Since quilling a 3D artwork is a very slow process, thinking and visualising any changes beforehand is very important to save valuable time and effort which can go in creating undesirable results. I keep listening to music tracks or films in the background to keep me going through the long process without getting distracted from any other thoughts. In fact, I enjoy this process so much that I feel like I am meditating while I am working.
These paper artworks can take from a couple of weeks to a couple of months; it all depends on the level of detail, size and design complexity of the artwork . There are no short-cuts. If you want to create something beautiful and intricate you have to spend long hours working on it.
As of now, I am selling some of the art pieces from past projects. Their price varies with size and complexity. Interested people can drop an email or contact me to know the list of available artworks.
I do take selected commissioned works depending on my schedule. Please drop in an email/contact me with your requirements and I will be happy to discuss it.
3D Quilling is a book that step by step explains the complete process of making 20 projects- birds, fruits, flowers, animals and insects though 3D quilling. You can buy the book from these links-
You can drop in an email to me to buy the book from me.

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